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Testimonials: Testimonials

My Testimony 

When I was younger, I used to see my mother using a tweezer to pull some hair off of her face. I did not give it much thought until I was 13, when I started noticing hair growing on my chin, neck and chest. I started using the same method that my mother used;  as we all learn from what we see in our environment.

 I used to hide and pluck the hair off of my face because I was afraid of people’s negative comments. As I was using the tweezer I started noticing scars and also more hair on my face. I was Unknowingly hurting my face.  I tried multiple treatments including laser hair removal but I was still getting those ingrown hair and my skin condition was getting worse. I could not go out without wearing a lot of makeup hoping that would distract people from the dark spot and bumps created by the ingrown hair. 

A friend of mine who was already doing the electrolysis treatment and was noticing some improvement; she suggested that I do the same. At this point I was ready to try anything to feel good about myself. 

After extensive research online, I discovered that Electrolysis was the only FDA proven permanent hair removal procedure. I started noticing the improvement after a few sessions. My skin was smoother because I did not have as much ingrown hair and stopped tweezing. 

 I made it a mission to inform and help all the women who don't feel beautiful because of the unwanted hair on their body. 

There is a solution, electrolysis is the way.  

Kadi Kone

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